Japan Day 12: Orange Street, Columbia 8 & Umeda Sky Building

Sunset from Umeda Sky Building, Osaka

Last Day in Osaka.

Thankful that most of theĀ  wedding party left the previous afternoon. They were a noisy bunch and took over the winding stairwell on the 3 & 4th floors. We were on the 4th floor in the most poorly planned hotel room we’ve ever been in. There was no counter space and the flat screen tv, coffee maker and some other junk was onl the tiny counter/desk area. Bad Ikea style furnishings and lots of cords everywhere.
I had this sense that all throughout our trip, we were being assigned the 4th floor, the 4th train car and the 4th seat because it’s a number that carries the meaning of death with it. Since we were foreigners, it wouldn’t be something we were superstitious about… but since I knew about it before hand, I took it as a weird omen.
We had our usual breakfast of convenience store food except this time it was the much-anticipated Lawson’s fried food that David Chang featured on Anthony Boudain’s No Reservations. We had fried chicken nuggets in HOT. They were pretty good and looked like all one piece of white meat chicken. The box design was super cute. We polished those off with our usual can of coffee and headed for Orange Street. I woke up early that morning because I had been given the task of finding something for us to do. In my search for vintage stores, I found the Orange St. District.
The swarm of people from yesterday’s adventure in the busy restaurant district were nowhere to be found in early morning Orange Street district. The difference was similar to Soho shopping Vs. Upper East Side.
We were keen on finding the MSPC (read masterpiece) Flagship store to find a cool looking bags. This is where all the clothing and furniture shops are. We visited Nanamica, Beam’s, (again) , Columbia, Paul Smith, ….. list goes on.
I bought a Paul Smith hand towel and a austere handmade wallet. Japanese leather goods rule.

Bromptons outside of the Dotonbori hotel Spicy chicken nuggets from Lawson's Orange street in Osaka Snack from the Supermarket on Orange Street Supermarket Sushi Osaka style Coffeeshop break on Orange street Spiked coffee Coffee shop Americana A look inside an Osaka sign engraver's shop Simple lunch on Orange Street in Osaka Master-piece products flashship store in Osaka MSPC anniversary bag design MSPC Harris Tweed bags MSPC diorama Columbia 8 storefront Columbia 8 sign Menu at Columbia 8 Columbia 8 mild Columbia 8 firewalk Fall colors outside of the Osaka city offices Umeda station with Sky Building to the left German Christmas Village in Umeda, Osaka Christmas time in Osaka Baumkuchen at German Christmas Village View looking up at the Sky Building The view from a window in the Umeda Sky Building, Osaka Holiday cheer at the Umeda Sky Building Clouds at the Umeda Sky Building, Osaka Clouds at the Umeda Sky Building Skline from Umeda Sky Building, Osaka Sunset from Umeda Sky Building, Osaka Skline from Umeda Sky Building Osaka's famous beard papa cream puffs Beard papa model
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