Japan 2012

Sunset from Umeda Sky Building, Osaka

Japan Day 12: Orange Street, Columbia 8 & Umeda Sky Building

Last Day in Osaka. Thankful that most of the  wedding party left the previous afternoon. They were a noisy bunch and took over the winding stairwell on the 3 & 4th floors. We were on the 4th floor in the most poorly planned hotel room we’ve ever been in. There was no counter space and […]

Dōtonbori street sign; our hotel was two blocks west of the sign

Japan Day 11: Osaka Dotonbori, Mizuno & Q-Brick

Hidden Kitchen, view of the kitchen

Japan Day 10: Fukuoka Iwataya, Hakata Daruma Ramen, Loro Bicycles & Hidden Kitchen

Local yatai next to the canal

Japan Day 9: Fukuoka Pachinko & Yatai

Kiyomizu-dera temple, night illumination

Japan Day 8: Kyoto Nishiki Market, Okariba & Temples

Geisha girls take a ricksaw ride through Kyoto's gion neighborhood

Japan Day 7: Kyoto Gion & Harimaya

Monkey park, good clean fun

Japan Day 6: Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park in Yamanouchi, Nagano

Nikko, Shinkyo (Sacred Bridge)

Japan Day 5: Temples of Nikko

Night out with Kenji, Chef cooking up some chicken

Japan Day 4: Bassanova Ramen & Turtle Soup

Ivan's ramen, eat here

Japan Day 3: Rokkasen Steak Buffet, Ivan’s Ramen & Golden Gai

We start the day off shopping at Yodobashi in Akihabara (electronics town) and eat one of the largest onigiri I’ve ever seen. For lunch we visit Rokkasen for the all-you-can-eat beef and crab course.  We grilled our own Matsuzaka beef, which rivals Kobe beef, and the highest grading A5. A few hours later I had […]